Bath PackagesBath PackagesEvery Bath Package includes a complete brushing out or deshedding of the coat, followed by a gentle cleaning of their ears. Then, the nails are trimmed before they are moved into the bathtub. There, a shampoo that is appropriate for their skin and coat is massaged in followed by a conditioner to remoisturize the skin. They are rinsed completely before they are hand-dried with power and fluff dryers.
Charmed PackagesCharmed PackagesEvery Charmed Package includes the Bath Package, plus a Sanitary Clip and a Light Trim to neaten their appearance. In other words, the hair is shaved on the pads of their feet, their belly and hind end. Then, the head and feet are trimmed to neaten the appearance.
Pampered PackagesPampered PackagesEvery Pampered Package includes the Charmed Package, plus their teeth are brushed and they receive the hairstyle of your choice.
Salon PackagesSalon PackagesEvery Salon Package includes the Pampered Package, plus the full salon treatment. Moisturizing the pads, freshening their breath, of course, perfume.

There is a minimum trip charge of $55.00.

**Additional charges may apply for dematting or deticking pets.  Also, please advise us if your pet has fleas or ticks so that we may schedule accordingly.  We DO NOT want to share the bugs!  As a result, if you do not inform us of fleas or ticks, we will have to charge you for the canceled appointments scheduled after you. **

Our Services & Pricing

Here you’ll find out about the various grooming services we offer, as well as our prices for those services.

As you read through the descriptions of our services you’ll find that one way we achieve our Mission is by including many procedures as part of our standard service, procedures that others in the industry typically consider to be "Extras". You’ll also see where we use ONLY all natural pet products. We use these premium products at no additional cost so that we can fulfill our commitment to the care of your pet.

All of the services listed build upon each other. By that, we mean that ALL of the items listed in the "Bath Package" salon treatment are also included in the "Charmed Package" salon treatment. Likewise, ALL of the additional "Charmed Package" salon treatment services are also included in the "Pampered Package" salon treatment. The "Salon Package" Spa experience is a special discount package of additional services you may choose for the ultimate pampering of your pet.

Should you have any questions, or wish to make an appointment, feel free to contact us at the locations below.

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