Our Services & Pricing

Here you’ll find out about the various grooming services we offer, as well as our prices for those services.

In our Mission Statement we committed to delivering a "Superior Quality" groom as well as the "Highest Level of Humane Care to Each Pet" we have as a client. As you read through the descriptions of our services you’ll find that one way we achieve our Mission is by including many procedures as part of our standard service, procedures that others in the industry typically consider to be "Extras". You’ll also see where we use ONLY the safest pet products available. We use these premium products at no additional cost so that we can fulfill our commitment to the care of your pet.

All of the services listed build upon each other. By that, we mean that ALL of the items listed in the "Bath Package" salon treatment are also included in the "Charmed Package" salon treatment. Likewise, ALL of the additional "Charmed Package" salon treatment services are also included in the "Pampered Package" salon treatment. The "Salon Package" Spa experience is a special discount package of additional services you may choose for the ultimate pampering of your pet.

Should you have any questions, or wish to make an appointment, feel free to contact us at the locations below.

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