Mobile Salon Vehicle

Precious Paws Mobile Pet Grooming uses a state of the art Mobile Salon Vehicle to provide our service.  In fact, our vehicle is the first of it's kind built in this country!  We're proud to have been involved with the creation of this vehicle and the new level of service it enables us to bring to the pet owner.

Here's some unique features of our Mobile Salon Vehicle:


  • On Board Generator.  Equipped with the largest RV generator available, we're able to quietly power ALL of the equipment found in the finest pet salon independent of any electrical hookups to your home.


  • Water Holding Tanks.  Our vehicle holds it's own filtered fresh water, so we don't need any hose connections to bathe your pet.


  • On Board Water Heater.  You don't like a cold shower any better than your pet does.  With our on board water heater we've solved that problem!


  • Clipper Vacuum System.  Our "Taxi Vac" system lifts and removes all of the hair as it's clipped from your pet.  This achieves two very important goals. First, ALL of the hair from the previous pet is removed from the grooming area before your pet enters.  Second, lifting the hair provides for a much more even finish, and a better groom, than ever before! 


  • Electric Table.  Our electric table lowers to nearly a foot from the floor, allowing us to handle large dogs and pets with tender hips without having to lift them.  They simply step onto the table, are raised up to grooming height, and walk across a special ramp into the tub, again with no lifting.


  • Central Vacuum System.  In order to ensure a clean environment for each pet, we have a central vacuum system installed to deliver a clean the vehicle between each visit. 


  • Super Suds System.  This unique system allows us to gently deep clean even the heaviest coats, removing all of the deep down dirt and dander, leaving your pet far cleaner than washing by hand can accomplish.


  • Shampoo & Conditioner System.  Our dispensing system allows us to premix to exact manufacturer specifications our all natural, hypoallergenic, no tear, premium shampoo products and dispense them gently onto your pet.


  • Power & Fluff Dryers.  Our powerful generator allows us to use the finest dryers available in the market. Gently drying and fluffing the coat of your pet for "Show" like conditions!

Often, people looking into the vehicle for the first time comment that it looks like a vet's office or a small operating room.  We're both pleased and excited about those comments, as we are about the Mobile Salon Vehicle we have to bring our service to you.

Stay tuned to this page for upcoming interior and exterior photos of the Precious Paws Mobile Pet Salon.

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