About Us:

About Us:

Precious Paws Mobile Pet Grooming has offered the pet owner a unique and special level of pet grooming service since we opened our doors in 2001. Your cats and dogs are not just pets, they are family, and you want them treated that way.  We at Precious Paws understand this, and treat your pet with care and consideration.

Mobile Grooming Preferred:

Mobile Grooming caters to both you and your pets with the individual attention and service you deserve!  This is the only solution to your pet's grooming needs.

First and foremost, it is MUCH LESS STRESSFUL for your pet.  For many pets, especially cats, there are so many stressful events involved in going to the groomer. 

  • Initially, they go into a pet carrier.  This stresses them because it is usually followed by a day with the groomer or veterinarian. 

  • Next, there is the car ride.  Enjoyable for some, stressful for others.

  • After that, they enter the grooming shop with alot of background noise (this would be the dogs barking and the noise of the grooming equipment). 

  • They go straight into a cage to wait their turn.

  • Then, they are taken to the grooming table for the first time where they are prepped for the bath.

  • Back into the cage until a different person bathes and dries them.  In many cases, they are put back into the cage for drying.

  • Again, it's back to the cage! Now, they are waiting for the groomer to do a finish cut. 

  • Finally, they are done, Now, however, it is back to the cage to wait for their parent to come and pick them up.

  • Back into the carrier and another car ride home.

Precious Paws provides service in your driveway!  NO CAR RIDES, NO CAGES, and NO BARKING DOGS to stress your pet!  Also, if you have more than one pet, they can all come out to be groomed together.  This especially helps to relax nervous pets.  It helps them to know that their buddies are in there with them.

Another quality of Precious Paws is that, since we are mobile, we come to you!  Appointments are arranged in advance for a time that is convenient for you.  You do not have to arrange your morning and afternoon around trips to the pet groomer anymore.  All you need provide is an electrical outlet and your pet for us to get started!

No more kennel environment. No more exposure to dozens of other animals and any pests or infections that they may be carrying. NO CAGE DRYING. With Precious Paws, your pet is groomed by hand, start to finish, by a professional groomer with care and consideration. As soon as their styling is complete, your pet is promptly returned to the comfort and security of your loving arms, feeling happy, relaxed, and of course looking and feeling great!

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